Take Control of Your Health

Using digital twin technology, MyHealth shows you how healthy you are and gives you the science-backed insights and tools you need to live a healthier, longer life.

Better Health Begins with Better Understanding

Our personalized insights and recommendations will help you make the changes you need to live a healthier and fuller life

  • Learn what your data means about your overall health
  • Get the tools you need to feel more energized and confident
  • Identify potential risks based on your health data
  • Understand how your daily choices affect your health
  • Receive personalized and actionable recommendations
  • See trends in your health data and track your progress

Become Your Healthiest Self

Use the Dara scale to measure 17 health metrics to help you make informed decisions about your health including body fat %, muscle, mass, and weight. Sync MyHealth with your Apple and Google Health apps for a more comprehensive look at your health.

Track and improve heart health

Monitor your heart rate trends over time with historical and real time heart health monitoring.

Your Personal Health Coach, At The Touch Of Your Finger

Make insight-driven changes from the start and Access personalized nutrition and fitness plans that are tailored to your body and your health goals

One score to show you how healthy you are

Your data is analyzed to provide you with a weekly Health Score based on your body metrics, nutrition, sleep*, movement* and stress*. This score shows you how healthy you are at a given time compared to benchmarks for people similar to you.

Reach Your Fullest

By leveraging bio sensors, MyHealth provides personalized insights and actionable feedback based on your unique data, behaviors, and goals.

  • Weight

  • Weight
    Without Fat

  • Visceral

  • Fat

  • Weight

  • Muscle

  • BMR

  • Bone

  • BMI

  • Body
    Fat %

  • Protein

  • Body

  • Body

All of your health data in one

Connect your workouts, nutrition, sleep data and more to MyHealth for a more comprehensive look at your health.

Your workouts, sleep and diet all in one place

Connect your workout, nutrition and sleep program and our nutrition and body composition tracker to keep yourself accountable.

Bio-hack your health

We give you the information and tools you need to make better decisions about your health today, to help prevent against illness in the future.

Small changes. Big Impact

Use the power of behavioral science to help sustain positive behavior and lifestyle changes

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Yearly Subscription

€8,99 * per month

PAY €107,88 annually

Save 58% off

  • Track 23+ Health Metrics

  • Apple Health & Google Fit integration

  • Weekly Health Score

  • Personalized Insights About our Health

  • Recommendations Tailored to your Goals

  • Nutrition Tracking and FoodScan

  • Personalized Nutrition Plans & Daily Recommendations

  • Detailed Micro-nutrient breakdown

  • Shareable Health Reports

  • Science Backed Fitness Programs


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Monthly Membership

€12,99 * per month

PAY €12,99 monthly

Save 58% off

  • Track 23+ Health Metrics

  • Apple Health & Google Fit integration

  • Weekly Health Score

  • Personalized Insights About our Health

  • Recommendations Tailored to your Goals

  • Nutrition Tracking and FoodScan

  • Personalized Nutrition Plans & Daily Recommendations

  • Detailed Micro-nutrient breakdown

  • Shareable Health Reports

  • Science Backed Fitness Programs


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Body Confidence

Customer Service



Nice and good looking weight scale

I bought this weight scale 6-7 months back and it has worked pretty well since then.



Must buy

This scale was simple to set up and start using. I like the color coding o the body analysis and the ability to click on each measurement and see where you fall.



I definitely recommend this scale

I have had this scale for a week now and I absolutely LOVE IT! I just recently lost 52lbs and I am at my goal weight but all I had was a normal bathroom scale to measuer my progress.

Samantha W


I'm in love with this scale

I'm in love with this scale. It not only measures your weight, it also has 17 different measurements. My favorites are the metabolic age and muscle mass. All the information is transmitted to an app on your phone, it trully is amazing!



Getting fit made easy!

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about tracking fitness data. It is a quality item at a price that is very reasonable for a bluetooth Scale.

Sophia T


Best fitness scale ever!

The scale serves as a good basis for tracking your progress if you are trying to lose weight or enhance your fitness level. So far very happy with the product but only a week so far.



Very good fitness partner!

Best investment into fitness I've ever made! So happy. I recommended this to all my fitness clients, especially the women who are obsessed with weight loss!

Liam Sereno


Made my fitness journey easier

Weight is important to monitor but so are many other factors. The Dara had made me aware of the many factors that need to be monitored related to your weight and overall health as well as fitness journey. I’m very pleased with my purchase of the Dara

Amanda S


Best scale so far!

I have kidney failure and need to keep daily track of of my weight. Hands down, this is the Best Scale that I have ever purchased! Try it and you will love it too!



Love this scale!!

The BMI Smart Scale is a great help to my health journey and I am very appreciative for it

Ria Garcia


Very motivating tool

This scale has motivated me to chance my eating habits. I have increased my protein intake and my water intake. I love that it tracks so many things other than my weight.

D. Lewis


Best scale ever

I’m so glad that I ordered this product! I have been doing inline body scans at my doctors office for a couple of years to tracky my health and now I can do it in the privacy of my own home! It’s perfect and gives me all the information that I was getting at the doctors office.



Very satisfying!

All of the reporting and tracking is essential to me lowering my A1C and getting rid of type 2 diabetes. I am a visual person so having the stats to start with and then watching them go down for the betterment of my health is satisfying.



Great little device!

I love this! I was diagnosed with Diabetes recently and wanted to get a much tighter view on my health. This scale and the associated app is great for making sure I'm keeping things on track and getting a fuller picture. My doctor loves how I was able to show him my progress over time as well.

Samuel D


A technology that helps a lot!

Diabetes is rampant in my family history. I added the digital scale and the eye massager to my health maintenance last month and I came across with this smart scale. It did not disappoint at all! It works perfectly fine and is a great help to my health journey!

Nina P


I’ve been waiting for this product!

This device is very helpful is giving me data that I had no idea I might need for health issues specially that I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I have enjoyed using it and am looking forward to seeing the history change as I use it continuiously.

Sarah Hopkins


Worth the purchase!

I’m really happy with this product, it gave me a boost of confidence and reassurance knowing that even if I don’t feel as physically fit or look it in my opinion, my body stats shows that I’m not too bad out of shape. Really easy and efficient to use, display to phone connectivity very user friendly and the design overall looks great!

Anessa Conrad


Simple but amazing scale!

I feel confident to use this scale knowing that the results are correct, precise and I have now so much motivation to improve my over all health. It has helped improve my confidence and it’s super easy to use.



Too Smart Scale

This is the best scale by far! Shows such much more about your body and made me gain my confidence. Better motivator to reach your goals. Simple to use highly recommended

Megan Dean


Really impressive

I was very hopeful after reading the reviews and ordering the Dara and on arrival it did not disappoint. Having such a wealth of stats has helped me to look past getting hung up on that single number on the scales. It’s encouraged me to move my body with exercise and bring back that confidence after i gave birth and to drink more water. I am really happy and certainly recommend.

Amy Frank


Fantastic product and CS!

This company has amazing customer service. They seen my bad review and messaged me immediately. So worth buying and has awesome customer service that makes it worth my time and money!

Alan Stock


Superb post sales service!

Amazing customer service. When I contacted customer support, they gave me what is hands down the best customer support experience i have EVER experienced for any product. They helped me figure things out and was patient and beyond responsive. I told them I would update my review and also give other buyers a head's up that this product is great! Thank you!



Agents are accommodating and friendly!

I email customer service and the agent who was wonderful. I explained the problem and what I had done to fix it. Once she realized I had tried all her suggestions already, she escalated my replacement request swiftly! Customer service was so good I had to write a review and give the scale 5 stars.

Vicky Kelly


Incredbly good customer service!

Not only absolutely amazing software and technology but also amazing customer service! Definitely will be recommending this!! :) I greatly appreciate their customer service and desire to help out.

Becca V


Nice and good looking weight scale

My piece has been pretty sturdy so far. It is a nice looking product and I like the glassy finish



Very lightweight scale!

I took a chance on this scale, and I honestly couldn't be happier. It -is- super lightweight! I take it with me when I have to leave the house overnight.

Mellisa H


Delicate but sturdy!

The scale is sleek for those who don't want an ugly scale sitting around their bathroom. If you're looking for a smart scale, get this one!



A relatively small but functional scale!

The scale is small, but I have no problem standing on the four metal contacts to get a weight. I'm pretty happy with this scale.

Ramona Sanchez


Great - Like the App

Received the scale in 2 days. Works perfect. There is an app that pairs with it via Bluetooth and that works well.



Awesome app with Apple health integration for iPhone

The app works realtime so you don’t have to look the the weighing scale display. The app gives you option to create profiles, so me and my wife can record own weight trends separately now and the app is intelligent enough to understand which is your weight vs other profile weight.

Sandra F.


Very cool scale that syncs to my Fitbit!

Nice scale! It seems accurate, since it says the same weight over several tries and it’s great that it syncs easily to my Fitbit app!

Joe M.


Fantastic Bluetooth Scale at an Incredible Price

I purchased this scale to pair with my iPhone 7 to keep track of weight and other fitness data. The product arrived and I immediately recognized the quality of the packaging. Data is also recorded within the iPhone Health app, which is nice. Overall I find this scale to be great. It is a quality item at a price that is very reasonable for the Bluetooth Scale. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about tracking fitness data.

Lad F.


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