Different from dieting

Incredible recipes

Low calorie, restrictive diets fail more often than not. TrackEats introduces you to amazing recipes from a tasty new menu that won’t leave you hungry while you work towards your goals.

Goal-based meal plans

TrackEats brings together world-class nutritionists and proprietary machine learning technology to create personalized, goal-based nutrition plans to help you reach your unique goals.

Progress reports you can count on

Everybody is different, and TrackEats helps you record your individual meals, health progress, and personal milestones to keep you motivated and accountable to your goals.

A personal nutritionist in your pocket

Macro & net carb tracking

Go way beyond calorie counting and use TrackEats’ expert reporting functions to improve your nutritional awareness. Tracking is a proven way to reach your health and wellness goals.

1000+ recipes

With recipes for every season and reason, TrackEats helps you eat your way to better health all year round! Discover thousands of delicious and nutritious recipes to suit any occasion.

Online support

Get unlimited support and motivation through our dedicated Live Chat system. Users also unlock access to our official Facebook community group where they can share their success stories, tips, and encouragement!

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